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Storage virtualization separates the logical representation of storage from the physical devices themselves. This division of physical storage from the logical storage space turns storage into a generally available utility pool that is easily divided among multiple applications. 

A SANaccelerator in a virtualized environment becomes a dynamic cache for the entire SAN, providing the fastest medium for the most commonly used files. This assures that the most important data will be available to any server in the SAN regardless of platform, operating system, or application type. In effect, it offers low-cost caching to all the servers in the SAN.

For example, imagine the SANaccelerator is utilized on January 31st to speed-up month-end closing on an NT based financial application. Then on February 1st, the accelerator (or a portion thereof) is dynamically allocated to help Engineering with a Unix based OS conversion. This mobility and scalability allows the organization to leverage the acquisition across a broader application spectrum and recognize the benefits in virtually every facet of the enterprise.

In an IDC market analysis bulletin released earlier this year, IDC said they see the emergence of the virtualization layer and virtualization products in the SAN to be an important enabler for solid-state-based accelerators. They believe the emergence of the SAN virtualization layer is a powerful opportunity to have accelerators achieve their full performance potential.




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