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Storage Area Networks (SANs) are designed to allow access to shared storage resources. However, sharing storage resources in a SAN can expose the data on the shared storage resource to many, if not all servers in the SAN. In a properly implemented SAN, each server should only be aware of those storage resources to which it is supposed to have access. Without a comprehensive data security feature enabled, sharing storage resources within a SAN can compromise data security.

Imperial SANaccess is the data security feature for Imperial File Cache Accelerators. SANaccess is a feature in the configuration menu that creates security protection for every data volume when one or more Imperial File Cache Accelerators is shared in a SAN. SANaccess is standard on the SANaccelerator™ and optional on Imperial MegaRam™ accelerators.

Simple to Manage
Every Imperial File Cache Accelerator is designed to emulate a traditional disk drive. This capability allows connection to a wide variety of servers and operating systems without special drivers or add-on software.

Imperial's management utility makes it easy to partition the File Cache Accelerator into as many as 64 Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs). Each LUN looks like a disk drive residing in the SAN. Emulating 64 LUNs allows the MegaRam and SANaccelerator to service application needs to 64 different servers in the SAN simultaneously.


SAN data security in enabled when LUNs on the File Cache Accelerator are individually mapped to specific servers in the SAN by using standard fibre channel World Wide Names (WWNs). This server-to-LUN mapping feature ensures that only the server to which the LUN has been mapped to can access and mount that volume during boot-up. SANaccess LUN masking creates SAN security at the LUN level for MegaRam and SANaccelerator devices.

Heterogeneous Sharing
SANaccess LUN security enables UNIX and Windows operating systems to coexist and simultaneously share access 
to Imperial File Cache Accelerators in SANs. Securely sharing access to a centralized file cache accelerator in a SAN can extend significant application performance enhancements to every server in the SAN.






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